The Outsiders Lectures – Topo #4


Topo, n.m: french word that defines a map, a guide for the Outsiders.
Every week, we will guide you through The Outsiders Lectures’ adventure by sharing with you the latest news about our partners, our Lecturers and Makers and also a weekly dose of inspiration.

The good news of the topo #4 is that Yogi Tea supports us and joins our partners’ team. Another good news is that Nicolas Boutherin, founder of Klokers, is part of the lecturers’ team and will speak about our relation to time. And Benjamin gives you his feedbacks about the book Business For Punks by James Watt, and encourages you to read it to get inspired !

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Topo, n.m: carte, guide destiné aux Outsiders.
Chaque semaine, nous vous guiderons à travers l’aventure The Outsiders Lectures en partageant avec vous les dernières actualités concernant nos partenaires, nos conteurs et artisans ainsi qu’une dose hebdomadaire d’inspiration.

Les bonnes nouvelles du topo #4 ?
1. Yogi Tea nous soutient et rejoint la liste de nos partenaires, YOUPI !
2. Nicolas Boutherin, fondateur de Klokers, rejoint l’équipe des conteurs et viendra, entre autres, parler de notre rapport au temps.
3. Benjamin nous fait part de sa lecture du livre Business For Punks de James Watt et nous encourage vivement à le lire !

Le reste, ici !

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