Cancellation of the 1st edition of The Outsiders Lectures

“Success is not final.
Failure is not fatal.
It is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill


The Outsiders Lectures are born from the conviction that it was possible to experience something different, may be simpler, perhaps less tangible, but so much stronger because more real, more direct, more personal.

The Outsiders Lectures make the promise of a unique experience, a hybrid event mixing a camp, a festival and a seminar, to inspire and be inspired.

As organizers, we want to provide the framework and suggest ingredients that we feel interesting, that feed the mind and foster the future, our futures.
The Outsiders Lectures provide a method, a recipe, but the Outsiders cook their own event.

The 1st edition of The Outsiders Lectures was scheduled in early September. The ingredients were there, and we thank them: Thanks to storytellers who had booked their time to share their life experiences, thank you to the artisans who had designed specific workshops. Thanks to the partners who offered some great presents to make the experience even better.

But one month prior to this first test, we felt the lack of Outsiders may compromise the experience we wanted to offer. So we decided not to “rush headlong”. The 1st edition of The Outsiders Lectures will not be a placebo, a sham. So we chose to cancel this first edition.


Innovate is to imagine, try, make mistakes, observe, understand, and try again … until the product meet its market. We therefore go back to work with passion and conviction, believing The Outsiders Lectures have to exist.

A huge thank you to the 1st Outsiders who dared to take the plunge and trust the experience. We will meet soon again. You are now fully part of the adventure.

When we say “we”, we are not only talking of the AIR collective: we speak about all those who have joined the project and built the daily. We also talk about you. If you believe in The Outsiders Lectures, feel free to express yourself, to criticize, to suggest, to imagine. Tell us what is missing, how can we make the next test a success.

The Outsiders Lectures have not been created to generate profit. They want to answer our purpose as a consulting agency: Inspire and encourage people to do beautiful things and do it all together.

With this first experience, we pursue the path full of enthusiasm. Let’s continue the adventure together !


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