Fozzy, also known as Prof. Dr. Eckehard Moritz, studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, and received his Doctorate Degree at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is the founder of Innovationsmanufaktur, a consultancy dedicated to the management of interdisciplinary, complex and multinational innovation projects. Prof. Moritz holds an honorary professorship from Qufu University, China, and is adjunct professor at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico. He has been teaching innovation and consulting at universities in 27 countries world-wide. He is also the author of the book “Holistische Innovation”, Springer-Verlag 2009, in which a new methodology to deal with complex innovation challenges is introduced. In short, he dedicated his life to innovation.

At the Outsiders Lectures, Fozzy will share his vision, mission and day-to-day practice of his life as an innovator. Innovation is not just like spices you put on your dish to make it more tasteful. Innovation has to be cooked right from the beginning; from the imagination of a new taste to the integration of ingredients that have never been thought to be edible before. Innovation also has to be integrated in the culture of a company, in the heart of the people. Innovation is a mindset and way of living; not a department into which those rotate that have no “real” job contributing to value added at the moment…
Thus, Fozzy will help us to shape a better innovation culture in our companies, societies, etc. He will share with us key recommendations you can apply to yourself to think like an outsider.



Zoe is the fourth American woman to earn her International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations status, the highest level of credential available to professional mountain guides. When she’s not guiding or climbing in her backyard, Chamonix, France, Zoe is on international expeditions, climbing trips, or kite surfing adventures around the world. And now, as a young mother of two boys, Mathias and Mika, usually with two budding adventurers in tow.

In addition to her guiding work, Zoe is a Patagonia Ambassador and Marketing Consultant, using her Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from Harvard’s Extension School to work on projects combining sports and environmental action.




Nicolas has an unusual background: TV credits and advertising producer, video games producer, virtual reality and interactive TV pioneer, director of technology companies and of alpin holdings, then consultant in strategic marketing, he is today the happy co-founder of Klokers, a watch brand to travel through time.


At The Outsiders Lectures, this neuroscience, ethnography, anthropology and sociology enthusiast will talk about his experiences of innovations and about our relation to time, of the importance of recovering it our way, in synchronization with our biological clock and our environment.



Mikel Feijoo Elzo is the proud founder of Skunkfunk, a Spanish-Basque brand of responsible and original ready-to-wear. He is a guy that was always fascinated by history and geography so he went all the way to university to learn about it. Then, he thought that only through travelling he could really see the world, learn and meet people… So, he travelled ! To support this habit, he started smuggling clothes at the start of the 90s from London back to his little country. Then he decided that it was better to do his own thing. And so by going here and there he started opening doors while realizing his life project called Skunkfunk. He did it because he did not know that it was impossible. A friend told him that all of this was just an excuse to travel, party and meet nice people. He was right. But he also began to see the dark side of a business of fast consumption and of production done in a way he had only vaguely heard of. He felt that in order to be able to do what he loved, he had to do it better. At this moment he embarked on a quest… towards sustainability.
The collections are in harmony with the latest trends, maintaining always the original touch and committed to sustainability. The brand has evolved over time, but never has lost its characteristic label, the search of a different concept of creating fashion.


Skunkfunk has found its niche in the world of ethical fashion and Mikel will tell his story and share with you his experience of “funky entrepreneur” in a hyper competitive and polluting industry.