The Outsiders Lectures – Topo #6

Topo, n.m: french word that defines a map, a guide for the Outsiders. Every week, we will guide you through The Outsiders Lectures’ adventure by sharing with you the latest news about our partners, our Lecturers and Makers and also a weekly dose of inspiration. In this sixth topo, we are very proud to announce a partnership[…]


Rencontrez les Outsiders !

Vous hésitez encore à vous inscrire à The Outsiders Lectures ? Pour vous aider à franchir le pas, nous avons recueilli les témoignages de nos premiers Outsiders pour vous convaincre de vous inscrire ! Sophie, Jérémy, Benjamin, Richard, Dominique et Guillaume ont trouvé de bonnes raisons pour oser s’inscrire ! Et vous, quelles seront les votre? Rejoignez-les et devenez[…]


Meet the Outsiders !

You are still wondering whether or not to register to The Outsiders Lectures? Well, what about some testimonials directly from our first Outsiders to convince yourself? Sophie, Jérémy, Benjamin, Richard and Dominique have found good reasons to dare and register ! Join them and become an Outsider !